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    Wheeled Extinguisher
    Dry powder Fire Extinguisher
    Wuhan Green Fire Fighting Equipment Corporation, a subsidiary of sole investment of Wuhan Feixiang Technology and Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. (Feixiang Group), located in Wuhan East Lake High-Tech Development Zone, is a high-tech enterprise that involves research and production of environment-friendly fire fighting products as well as design, installation and maintenance of fire fighting engineering, and it is also the only enterprise of fire fighting products that is named ¡°Green¡± in China.

    ¡¡Relying on Wuhan¡¯s advantage of having many universities, colleges and scientific research institutes, the Company spent 6 years and over ten million Yuan and successfully developed ¡°Dong Hai Long Wang (Dragon King of East Sea)¡± Ultra-fine high-efficiency dry chemical extinguishing agent in 2001; as the first in China, this extinguishing agent passed national mode examination, got listed as a key project of National Torch Program and acquired national patent (patent No.: ZL01252411.5 ZL01252784.X). In 2006, the Company developed D Ultra-fine dry chemical extinguishing agent, which is the only in China and one of the most advanced in the world and is able to extinguish alkyl fire; it filled in a national gap.

    With ultra-fine dry chemical as the core, the Company developed a series of ¡°Dong Hai Long Wang¡± environment-friendly fire fighting products: stored-pressure hung type, wall mounted type, cabinet type and non-stored-pressure hung type ultra-fine dry chemical fire extinguishing equipment; ultra-fine dry chemical automatic fire extinguishing equipment for vehicles; ultra-fine dry chemical automatic fire extinguishing equipment for large oil tank; ultra-fine dry chemical pipeline network fire extinguishing equipment; throw-type and plane-load type ultra-fine dry chemical projectiles; mini-type, portable type and cart-type ultra-fine dry chemical fire extinguishers, and etc. This product series won Prize of Technical Progress of Hubei Province and 2nd Prize of Technical Progress of State Archives Bureau.

    After years of effort, the Company has continuously perfected and developed and has formed strong technical advantages with unique features; with a group of experienced technical talents and excellent management talents, the Company always maintains its technical advantages as the leading enterprise of the industry, and has made great achievements. The environment-friendly fire fighting products developed and produced by the Company are widely used in fields such as national archives system, metallurgic and steel industries, power industry, petrochemical, automobile, tobacco and etc.

    At the same time, the Company persists in putting users in the first place, explore the market and serve its users with top products, top technologies, top quality and top services. The Company¡¯s marketing network covers both south and north; its products are well received all over the country and exported to Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other countries and regions. Fire fighting products of high quality and high technologies as well as customized services established a favorable enterprise image among its customers and won their trust and recognition.

    Since its establishment, the Company has always taken the tenet of ¡°taking human as the orientation, thriving with technologies, benefiting people and serving the society¡±, considered securing people¡¯s safety of life and property as its responsibility, taken technical innovation as the orientation, made outstanding achievements in developing and producing environment-friendly fire fighting equipment, and therefore named ¡°High-tech Enterprise¡± and ¡°Excellent Enterprise of Technology Entrepreneurship of Hubei Province¡± respectively by People¡¯s Government of Wuhan City and People¡¯s Government of Hubei Province. The Company is a member of National Fire Protection Association of China and a standing director of Hubei Fire Protection Association; it was awarded an ¡°Enterprise of AAA Guarantee of Credibility of Quality Safety of National Construction of Fire Protection Engineering¡± and passed certification of ISO9000 Quality System; in 2007, the Company was listed in ¡°Top 100 Enterprises of Hubei Province¡±. The Company participated in establishing of industrial standards such as GA578-2005, GA602-2006 and the standard of China Association for Engineering Construction Standardization, i.e. Technical Regulations for Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishing Equipment, etc., and appraised by the trade as ¡°the father of ultra-fine dry chemical¡±.

    Wuhan Green Fire Fighting Equipment Corporation will as always stick to its enterprise spirit of ¡°keeping pace with the times, being pragmatic and innovative¡±, endeavoring to provide better services to its customers, create a safer and more harmonious living environment for the people, and write a new page for the fire protection cause of the new century.

    Address: 12# Guannan Road, East Lake Development Zone, Wuhan, Hubei
    Post code: 430074
    Fax: (027) 87494653
    Copyright: Wuhan Green Fire-Fighting Equipment Co.,Ltd. All rights reserved E-mail landing port ICP : No. 05,005,662
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