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    Wheeled Extinguisher
    Dry powder Fire Extinguisher
    Wuhan Green Fire Fighting Equipment Corporation Escorted the Ningbo Public Translation

            "Dong Hai Long Wang will always escort you," This is not a simple advertisement, but after two times fought against the fire in the engines of buses timely and successfully, the drivers of the Ningbo Public Transport Company gave a high appraisal to "Dong Hai Long Wang" automatic fire-extinguishing installations which produced by Wuhan Green Fire Equipment Co. Ltd.

            The painful lessons of public transportation in Chengdu, which let the public transport company, put the vehicles¡¯ extinguishing in the first place in the whole country. In order to ensure the personal safety of passengers and the quality of fire service installations, Ningbo Public Transport Company held the tender about the procurement of vehicle automatic fire-extinguishing installations to the  fire-fighting installations manufacturers in countrywide. There are all kinds of manufacturers participate it.  After several intense contends and through product quality and rational design of rigorous review, " Dong Hai Long Wang "vehicle automatic fire extinguishing installations produced by Wuhan Green Fire Fighting Equipment Corporation has outstanding advantages over other brands and stand out in the market, finally got about 6000 orders of fire-fighting installations for thousands of Bus Company buses in Ningbo.

              In order to offer satisfactory service to customers, as soon as Wuhan Green Fire Fighting Equipment Corporation received orders, they immediately organized artisan to check up every public vehicles which needed to equip with fire-fighting equipment. With the situation for the complex bus models, they designed different programs based on different models to ensure the best effectiveness of fire extinguishing equipment After the installation, the company's engineer not only guided the installation on-site, but also gave the vehicle maintenance men and pilots a professional train about product maintenance and how to use them, so that they could understand the problems should be noted in daily work.

              When they used the fire extinguishing installations, there were two buses¡¯ engines caused fires because of the aged circuit, and the fire extinguishing installations put the fire out timely and successfully. The employees in Ningbo bus company felt fortunate, "thanks to the 'Dong Hai Long Wang ' vehicle automatic fire extinguishing installations so that avoided these two serious incidents.¡¯Dong Hai Long Wang ' indeed escort us."

             The persons responsible of Wuhan Green Fire Equipment Corporation received the thankful call from the Ningbo Public Transport Company, said: ¡°It is our unremitting pursuit and sacred mission that providing high-quality and efficient fire-fighting products for the customers, and ensuring safety of lives and property. In the future work, we must continue to make great efforts  and be courageous to blaze new trails, maintaining mindful work style, producing more world-leading level fire protection products, and providing detailed and thoughtful after-sales service, so that  making customers¡¯ and all people¡¯s satisfaction! "
    Copyright: Wuhan Green Fire-Fighting Equipment Co.,Ltd. All rights reserved E-mail landing port ICP : No. 05,005,662
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