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          Wheeled Extinguisher
          Dry powder Fire Extinguisher
          Wall-mounted Fire Extinguishing Equipment
          Network Ultra-fine Dry Powder Fire Suppression System
          Tank Ultra-fine Dry Powder Fire Suppression System
          AlkylD-type Ultra-fine Dry Powder Fire Suppression System
          Automatic Vehicle Fire extinguisher System
          Automatic Powder Extinguisher Series II
          Automatice Powder Extinguisher Series III
          Automatic Powder Extinguisher Series I
          Automatic Dry Powder Extinguisher
          Industrial Fire Suppression System
          Vehicle Extinguishing Equipment
          Flue Extinguishing Equipment
          AlkylD-type Extinguishing Agent
          Hang Extinguishing Equipment
          ABC Ultra Fine Dry Chemical Extinguishing Agent
          Network Ultra-fine Dry Powder Fire Suppression System


          ZFP ultra-fine powder automatic fire extinguishing system pipe network is determined by group-driven high-pressure nitrogen gas bottle storage tank fire extinguishing agent of ultra-fine dry powder fire extinguishing agent, through the transmission network. To set up protected areas in the high-speed out of the nozzle, the rapid fire. Large space for the entire flood protection of the application of fight large fires.

               Widely used in the production workshop, large storage, garage, airport hangar and other places of fight high-performance A, B, C, E types of fire, filling alkyl D-type-specific dry powder fire extinguishing agent can be used to fight fires alkyl D-type
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